WSA & NPAA Conservation Partners

Our organization and the National Professional Anglers Association are now working  together as conservation partners. According to Jerry Pasdo, WSA president, “the relationship will offer benefits to members of both organizations, as well as the gamefish we seek.” 

NPAA membership is composed of professional guides, tournament anglers, angler educators and sportfishing/marine industry professionals who are passionate about the sport. 

Pat Neu, NPAA executive director, noted that “helping educate current and future generations of fishers, both recreational and professional, will ultimately help the resource we both want to support.” 

NPAA’s contacts in the traditional press as well as social media will give WSA more reach for its Proper Catch & Release program. Likewise, WSA can assist with NPAA’s future fishers education effort. 

Cooperation between the two organizations will cost neither one any funds in building a better future for angling. We will keep you posted as we move ahead with specific programs. Board Member Gene Kroupa was very instrumental in coordinating this partnership