Save the Date for Our December Meeting

Our December meeting is with Nick Hahlbeck Wisconsin’s Greenfire Fishery Group. Nick will present on the intricacies of a wetland, the effects on our rivers and streams, and the importance to all the inhabitants.

Nick smiles as he holds a large fish.After spending countless childhood hours gazing into the lakes and streams around Appleton, Nick decided a career studying fish was the way to go.  He spent four years training as a marine biologist in Miami, along the way exploring fish and fisheries in the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands, and California.  He then went back to the lakes and streams, this time in Oregon, for a PhD investigating how a trout fishery could thrive to become Teddy Roosevelt’s rumored favorite in one of the warmest and most nutrient-polluted watersheds in the country.  Nick is now back home in Wisconsin (Stoughton) working as a fishery scientist for MRAG Americas, evaluating sustainability of commercial fisheries around the world, and as a volunteer for Wisconsin’s Green Fire, promoting scientific and thoughtful management of our state’s most precious natural resources – especially the fishy ones.

For more information, please see the Meetings page of our website.