WSA is working hard to encourage more anglers to catch and release.  The WSA has initiated a sign project to educate anglers why they should and how it effects them if they do and if they don’t.  These signs are put up all across Wisconsin on boat landings, fishing shops, beaches and more.  With the cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the help of Sport Fish Restoration this has increased the population and has improved the quality of smallmouth bass fishing, but there is still much to do.

The Bureau of Fisheries Management and Habitat Protection manages in-water activities and is responsible for maintaining, enhancing, and monitoring aquatic based resources such as aquatic ecosystems, sport and commercial fisheries, lakes and wetlands. In addition, the bureau assesses the quality of surface water and the biological health of rivers, lakes, and wetlands. The bureau develops regulations and strategies to protect habitat for fish and other aquatic life, and coordinates the state fish hatchery operations. Read more about the work of the bureau.

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