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Vision:  Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance, Ltd. Is the Badger State’s Advocate for the Smallmouth Bass.

Who We Are:  The Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization whose membership consists of anglers who wish to improve smallmouth bass fishing opportunities throughout the state.  Our organization has both novice anglers as well as professional fishing guides as members.  We work in cooperation with the Fisheries Bureau, Conservation Congress, and the Natural Resources Board.  Our “Free the Fighter” signs, have been placed at boat landings and in sport shops, to help educate the angling public as to the benefits of Catch and Release for the past 20 years.  Through our fundraising efforts, we have been able to donate to a children´s ice fishing program, Fishing Has No Boundaries, conservation groups such as The River Alliance and the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association, Youth Conservation Days in Sauk County, Blockhouse Creek project, stocking the Apple River three consecutive years with smallmouth bass, Pine Island boat ramp improvement with the Wisconsin DNR, Half Log brochure with the Wisconsin DNR, and winter and summer kids fishing program with the Yahara Fisherman’s Club.  We also dispense information to anglers at fishing shows.

Why We Fish:  The Smallmouth Alliance Ltd., as an organization of sport anglers, realizes there are many reasons we fish.  The joy of being in the out-of-doors, the pleasure of experiencing the natural world in all it´s beauty, the satisfaction of learning better fishing techniques, the enjoyment of good company, and the excitement and challenge of catching the “finest fish in fresh water,” and especially the enjoyment of fishing over quality smallmouth.

Why Join Us?  Most of our members join the Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance Ltd. to help improve one of their favorite sports, fishing for smallmouth bass.  Our monthly meetings are held from September through April, as we feel the months from May through August are for fishing, not meeting indoors.  We have a fishing related speaker at every meeting, and enjoy sharing fishing stories, techniques and even a few hotspots with our fellow members.  We plan fishing outings that we all can enjoy, and meeting with potential fishing partners we wouldn´t meet otherwise.  Our monthly newsletter keeps us all in touch with what the club is doing in the weeks and months ahead. Together we are making a far bigger impact to improve smallmouth bass fishing than any of us could hope to accomplish individually.

How to Join:

Dues are $20 per year or $50 for 3 years.

Method 1: Just print out and send in the membership form: PDF Pre Registration FormPrintable Application and mail it with a check payable to: Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance 2701 Gust Road Verona, WI 53593-8905 Method 2: Fill out our online form and submit it;
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