After a 3-year hiatus due to Covid, we were finally able to hold our fifteenth auction in April. A huge thank you to all who attended and for their generosity in bidding. This event wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of the many individuals and businesses who donated a variety of awesome items. We urge you to support those who faithfully have shown their support of WSA year after year. 

To date, well over $70,000 has been raised to fund numerous projects and like-minded organizations. This year’s proceeds will benefit the following:

  • Continuation of our Free the Fighter sign initiative
  • The River Alliance
  • Green Fire
  • Friends of the Lower Wisconsin River (Kids Don’t Float)
  • Fishing Has No Boundaries
  • Yahara Fishing Club – Kid’s Summer & Winter Fishing Events
  • The Clean Lakes Alliance

Thank you to all!! It’s time to go fishing. Stay Safe! 

Mike Simon, Chairman


2023 Guides Fundraiser is Another Success

WSA completed another online auction fundraiser as part of the efforts of our 501 c3 organization. The guides listed below have donated trips this year and some for nearly 20 years, in efforts to provide additional funds for WSA and its mission as well as for supporting other similar minded organizations. Please frequent these guides and look at their websites to see what trip can fit into your schedule. Their trips are filling fast.